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What is Optiblack?

Optiblack is a SaaS product growth firm, started by Vishal Rewari to make software business successful.

Vishal is a digital product growth expert and has worked with likes of Housing, Deloitte, McKinsey, 15+ SaaS companies, 25+ strategic products and created an impact for $300M+. 

He currently runs firm Optiblack, they are experts in designing, building and optimising digital products. Optiblack creates websites, mobile apps, SaaS and commerce solutions for ambitious organisations investing in growth and digital transformation. They do that by finding the sweet-spot between business need and customer demand, fusing insight, creativity and technology to build products that create value.

In 2022 the company has grown 30X and team has grown to 7+ members

Last quarter 10+ Product leaders worked with us

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