Optiblack Partners with Mixpanel to drive digital product adoption

Ahmedabad, 11 Apr 2022. Optiblack has now entered into a strategic partnership with Mixpanel that will help increase digital product adoption for SaaS Companies

The agreement brings together implementation of Mixpanel for SaaS Companies for product analytics. Optiblack is a SaaS Product Development firm and Mixpanel is a product analytics platform.

“Customer retention and engagement is critical for SaaS products to succeed,” said Vishal Rewari, Partner at Optiblack. “Working with SaaS companies we identified the opportunity to bring them state-of-art analytics through Mixpanel and we partnered with Mixpanel to help implement Mixpanel for digital products”

Customers of Optiblack will now be able to supercharge product development by giving product and engineering teams the ability to quickly dig into self-serve data, prioritize work, and know the impact they’re making"

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Optiblack is SaaS Development and venture building firm that Scales and Optimise product development for SaaS firms.

We partner with non-tech founders, sales and marketing leaders to take care of end-to-end product development.

We do this so that you can focus on sales and marketing and leave the product development to us.

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We are partners with Mixpanel and we will setup the analytics for your SaaS Product to give you clarity on user movement.

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