Optiblack Partners with Mixpanel to drive digital product adoption across APAC

Ahmedabad, India. Optiblack, a leading SaaS product consulting and development firm in India, and Mixpanel, powerful product analytics everyone can trust, use, and afford, announced a strategic partnership to help companies make sense of their data and user behaviour to help drive user adoption.

With this partnership, companies across Asia Pacific can tap on Optiblack’s product consulting and development expertise to implement Mixpanel’s product analytics within their digital products to quickly answer questions about user behavior like:

●     How is the product being used?

●     What makes users come back repeatedly?

●     Which features drive retention?

●     Who are our power users?

●     How are users interacting with a new product feature?

“We are delighted to partner with Mixpanel and bring their proven, intuitive and powerful product analytics to our clients in India and across APAC. Optiblack is committed to building the strongest value adding partnerships with leading players in analytics, software development and AI to move software development forward and successfully build products that help retain customers. Many SaaS companies fail because they cannot find product-market fit or retain customers. Through our partnership with Mixpanel, we will be able to help SaaS companies get visibility into data that helps them figure out if their users are engaged, whether they are converting, and what factors are impacting retention”, said Vishal Rewari, Partner at Optiblack.


“Product analytics adoption has grown by leaps and bounds in APAC over the past few years with Indian companies leading the way. A strong and skilled partner like Vishal and the Optiblack team is a tremendous asset for Mixpanel. I’m confident our clients across the region will benefit immensely from his growth mindset and expertise in our platform.”, remarked Edward Kong, Head of Channel & Alliances APAC.

Optiblack was founded in 2022 by Vishal Rewari who was formerly Head of Operations at Housing.com. As experts in designing, building and optimising digital products - such as websites and mobile applications - Optiblack is currently helping companies like Shipyaari, Deloitte, FIQ, Petpooja, and FiveS to drive their SaaS growth and development.

About Mixpanel

Mixpanel helps companies measure what matters, make decisions fast, and build better products through data. With our powerful, self-serve product analytics solution, teams can easily analyze how and why people engage, convert, and retain—in real-time, across devices—to improve their user experience.

Mixpanel serves over 7,000 companies from different industries around the world, including Expedia, Uber, Ancestry, DocuSign, and Lemonade. Headquartered in San Francisco, Mixpanel has offices in New York, Seattle, Austin, London, Barcelona, and Singapore. For more information, visit: www.mixpanel.com.

About Optiblack

Optiblack are experts in designing, building and optimising digital products. We create websites, mobile apps, SaaS and commerce solutions for ambitious organisations investing in growth and digital transformation. We do that by finding the sweetspot between business need and customer demand, fusing insight, creativity and technology to build products that create value. We are trusted to deliver by some of the world’s best-known brands. Visit www.optiblack.com

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