Increase engagement and adoption with easy to use analytics

5 Weeks plan to supercharge product development which helps you increase active usage of product renewals and upgrades, account level analysis to identify healthy and unhealthy accounts

$5Million+ Impact for Clients

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“Optiblack team is a real expert in Mixpanel implementation, they are patient, think one step ahead and helped us in our launch"

Mixpanel for SaaS Companies

Track Revenue with Mixpanel

5-Step Plan to Setup Analytics For You


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$50K USD in Credits for Product Analytics for our clients from Mixpanel if you qualify

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Top of the line SaaS Metrics used by 2000+ SaaS Companies

Bonus #3

Access to Proprietary Algorithm by Optiblack to detect Customers who can churn

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Lifetime access to private community

The modern data tech stack

Product Analytics Maturity Model

Partners with Mixpanel


Mixpanel gives you detailed, real-time insight into how people interact with your products. Trusted by over 26,000 companies incl. Uber, Twitter. 

Optiblack is partners with Mixpanel to bring product analytics for SaaS Companies

Optiblack is partner with Mixpanel

to deliver analytics for SaaS Companies


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Increase Conversions

Users signing up and not converting to paid?

With our 90 day plan and use of product marketing, analytics we can go upto 19%


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for me

No idea what users are doing?

We are partners with Mixpanel and we will setup the analytics for your SaaS Product to give you clarity on user movement.

Take care of my SaaSDevelopment

Outsource SaaS Development?

We take care of SaaS product development end-to-end to give you cost benefit and so you can focus on marketing and sales


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