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Use Optiblack to interview and fill your open roles with qualified candidates for full-time long-term roles at your company. 

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Find the person who fits with your team

Candidates apply to work with Optiblack, Customers book a call and share their requirements with job description, once a match has been made, Optiblack sends a notification to both users

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts


Interview and Select Candidates

Optiblack coordinates and perform interviews with matched candidates. Select your favourites and send an offer through Optiblack. If the candidate accepts, she will join your company as a full time team member.

  • Vetted candidates
  • Remote + inOffice
  • Technical Round
  • Leadership Round


Easily onboard and pay your team members

Automate onboarding and monthly payroll through Optiblack to developers, designers, product managers and keep the focus on growth instead of talent.

  • Contribution from Day 1
  • Automated Payroll
  • Automated Onboarding
  • Performance Monitoring

Ready to build your team?

100+ Hiring done, product and tech teams setup from scratch

45+ Benefits of working with us

Best Practice: Get the best practices from 100+ SaaS companies

Increase Activation Rate: Get upto 19% conversion from free to paid

Decrease churn: Reduce churn upto 4%

Build product teams: Get SaaS Specific talent in 1 week

Drive Product Growth: Ship the stuff that users love every 15 days

Know thy Users: Get to bottom of why users are not converting

Voice of customer: Weekly insights on customer needs

Interviews: Weekly continuous customer interviews to solve unmet needs

Under 3 minutes: Get answer to product related queries and in less than 3 minutes

PMF: Improving the PMF - Product Market Fit score for your personas

Insights: Finding what customers are looking for

Adoption: Increasing product adoption over time

Sticky user: Making the product sticky that users don't want to leave

Cost & ROI: Avoiding high cost of development

Testing: Usability testing before development

Tech Stack: Setup and maintenance of Product team tech stack to do their work efficiently

Utilization: Correct data which cohort of users are adopting which features to do their work

Avoid Failure: Building the products that has high acceptance

Decrease User Abandonment: What they never return to do

ARRR: Get Data to understand acquisition, activation, retention, monetization

Prioritise: Prioritise what to build next with relevant business case and data

Correct Problems: Team will invest time in solving correct problems

Clarity: Identify features that will have high impact through impact tracker

Value: Find users who are getting value from product and who are not

Churn: Find users who are leaving you and not converting to paid

Develop with confidence: AB test features and find what will have better impact once developed

Planning: Proper data for planning the next build without going to analyst

Information: Product information for planning the next sprint without wasting time

Drop offs: Know where users are dropping off

Track: Track every move of users inside application

Feature usage: Feature wise consumption to know which feature is being used how much

New feature launch: impact of new feature launch to know whether it was a success of failure

Feedback: Feedback in realtime and combine with their activities to do cohort analysis

Sticky user: Which features are causing the most trouble for users to drop off and not getting value

Acceptance: Product acceptance over time and which cohort of users are adopting the most

Onboarding: Onboarding experiments to make users stay and measure the results of experiments to develop long term changes

Adoption: How many adopting the feature over time and leading to monetization

Utilization: correct data which cohort of users are adopting which features to do their work

Love: What is bringing back the users

Hate: What they never return to do

Budget: Make a business case backend with data to develop the next feature

ROI: Whether the feature developed is increasing retention and bringing users back to app or increasing product features

Monetize: Know the features leading to monetization and grow 2x

Resource: Better utilization of tech resources and more focus on development

Free or Paid: Identify the set of features which are converting users to paid and what are paid users doing differently

Why they buy?: Which features are users using the most and purchasing your app for

Churn: Identify the set of users who show tendency to leave by tracking them usage metrics

Negative features: What features are churned users doing that is leading to bad impact

Channel Optimization: Identify which marketing channels are giving sticky long term users

Attribution: Attribute where the user comes from to sign up with multi-touch attribution

Content: What website content is helping users convert more to application

Landing pages: Which landing pages are converting the users to signup?

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