Increase paying users for your SaaS without Increasing your marketing budget

You get continuous insights on what to build next, which problem to solve, so that users stay with you and in the most cost efficient manner

26+ SaaS | $300Million+ Impact for Clients

The truth is: the one metric that matters for a SaaS isn’t acquisition or retention, the one that truly matters is activation. And your activation rate only depends on one thing: your onboarding.

Nathan Latka, CEO Founderpath, The Latka Agency

5 Step Implementation Plan

to get you up to 19% conversions from free to paid

Step 1


Onboarding Questions

Product Overview workshop

Audit Onboarding

Audit Analytics

Metrics Tracking Audit

Step 2

On App Onboarding

Jobs to be done workshop

Onboarding spec definition

Setup Tours

Setup Hints

Setup Checklists

Step 3


Events Tracking Setup

Events Approval

Implementation Spec Setup

Implementation Spec Briefing

Development & QA

Deployment to Production

Step 4

Off App Onboarding

Email Triggers

Custom Events for Upsell

Implementation Spec Setup

Customer Support Interactions

Customer Success Interactions

Step 5


Tracking Setup

App Performance Dashboard

Onboarding Dashboard

SaaS Metrics Dashboard

Max Bidna (Marketing Max)

7 Figure Agency Owner

“Optiblack team is a real expert in Mixpanel implementation, they are patient, think one step ahead and helped us in our launch"

Why onboarding is so important?

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Ready to see how you can improve onboarding & analytics for your SaaS?

Get 3-4 personalised tactics on no-obligation FREE call

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